G7L/22 - Long Bent Gouge 7L (22mm)

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  • NT$ 845
The arsenal of tools of every woodcarver changes over time. It transforms and fills up with new tools as new woodcarving techniques and styles are mastered. If you love carving spoons, cups, bowls, and other crafts with specific designs, you will definitely love our BeaverCraft G7L/22 Wood Carving Gouge Chisel.

The long bent gouge of this type is used to make narrow semicircular recesses and holes, to process ornamental background. Such a tool is ideal for finishing bas-reliefs and for general roughing-out tasks.

By expanding your toolkit with our BeaverCraft G7L/22 Spoon Carving Gouge, you can add volume and refinement to your carvings. It allows you to embody the most complex patterns and reliefs on a wood surface without much effort (it is used without a mallet).

This BeaverCraft G7L/22 wood carving tool with a bent design can easily handle the processing of soft and hardwoods. High-carbon hardened steel blade provides precise, fine cuts and long service life. The tool is equipped with an easy-to-grip wooden handle that will bring you a comfy and pleasant wood carving experience.

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