About Us2015-01-01

Through Internet Marketing, Cabinhouse8 Co., Ltd. provides a purchasing platform for woodworkers to have a new shopping option. We have a wide range of products in excellent quality for reasonable price, great customer service & product demonstration. Check out our professional and complete woodworking tools and make your own workpiece faster and easier!

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Fax: +886 4 2563-2000
Address: No.55, Ln. 5, Shenan St., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 429, Taiwan
E-Mail: customerservice@cabinhouse8.com

Fengyuan Railway Station to Shekou Bus Station  -
91、182、183、185、186、220、229、232、237、238、239、240, 5 minutes walk from Bus station to Cabinhouse8.


˙Our Vision & Goals

Cabinhouse8 Co., Ltd. is gradually establishing good distribution channels with firm steps. In the beginning, we focus on developing more woodworking DIYers & hobbyists and bringing up the product quality in Taiwan. In order to have our own professional woodworking tool retail stores, warehousing, distribution systems and achieve the best results, we also cooeprate with well-known woodworking teachers and give lessons occasionally.

Become the Most Professional Distribution Channel of Woodworking Tools in Asia.

Cabinhouse8 is building a quality team step by step by training staffs' professional knowledge, skills and behaviours. Using the supply chains, we have an efficient marketing & research team to provide excellent customer service for Taiwan's tool industry. We expect us to be the "Professional Tools" channel with best quality and efficiency in Asia. "Good tools are a must for a good job" -- we're hoping to deepen the local users' understanding of woodworking tools so that we can pass on those precious techniques and improve the level of craftsmanship and design. Use better tools to help you make better work!

We also offer a comprehensive woodworking knowledge network to craftsmen in Asia by learning network as well as exchanging information & resources with local workshops.

Cabinhouse8 Co., Ltd. itself is a professional tool supplies corp., our motto is Professional, Hospitality, Foundation, Inheritance and Perfection. Our goal is to stand firm in Taiwan market and even expand to Asian market then deliver our services through network in the industry.

˙Market Orientation -- Cultural and Creative Industries

Nowadays, the high technologies that surround us are ubiquitous and automatic. They have come in many ways that outshines traditional Arts & Crafts. However, people realized life without craft culture, creativity, design, beauty and impact gets dull, here it comes the Maker Movement. Craft culture is both modern and traditional, which makes learning more fun. Therefore, woodworking becomes a big hit due to its flexibility and high quality.

˙Know-How/Image Exchange 

We import high-quality woodworking products to provide a commodities flow platform for clients, meanwhile we collect all the information and resources for users' reference, such as photos and instruction. There are the procedures, techniques, tools, material options, as well as a gallery of work pieces to spur the imagination for unique creations. 

˙Our Future Plans 

Overall Business Objectives: 
To provide an international woodworking Online shopping platform for woodworkers of all skill levels. In addition to commodities flow, we'd like to exchange skills, inspiration, information..., etc.

˙Our Mission: Online Marketing

We help you save your time and money to get the tools you need abroad. Here you will find what you need! Instead of brick-and-mortar stores, we expect to expand into international markets with Online Marketing.

˙How We Do It

* Customers are our priority - we help our customers get the most out of their purchase.
* High Quality, Reasonable Price - we provide excellent tools, after-sales service and high-quality customer support for our clients. We don't sharply increase/decrease our prices to affect the market and quality.
* Importing Quality Foreign Tools - Some unique tools are only sold in certain countries, which is more costly than domestic trade. Here you can find what you need at a reasonable price, plus comprehensive after-sales services and customer support!