K8a/14 - Compact short bent gouge. Sweep №8

  • Item #91476
  • NT$ 695
  • Short Bent Gouge for Manual Use Only
  • For All Types of Wood
  • Comes Ready to Use out of the Box
  • For Wide Range of Rounded Projects
  • Weight - 0.09 kg

Many carvers use chisels of various types of profile and blade shapes to perform figured artistic wood carving and create the most intricate and beautiful whittling projects. One of the most popular instruments for a carver is a curved chisel (a bent gouge). You can find this cutting tool in the standard tool kit of any master. This type of chisel is distinguished by specific features based on its shape.

The BeaverCraft K8a/14 wood carving bent gouge is a handy semi-round chisel for wood carving with a curved shape. Due to its blade design, its handle does not touch the wooden surface during carving. The BeaverCraft chisel of this series is designed to process soft and hardwood types without a hammer or mallet. Wood carving is done only by applying the power of your hands.

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