Sili-Brush 1/2"

  • Item #91271
  • NT$ 89

Apply wood glue quickly and easily with the Sili-Brush non-stick glue brush. The Sili-Brush is designed to be used over and over again without having to purchase extra brushes like you would with typical brushes. The silicone bristles make applying glue and cleanup of the brush a breeze. Once you finish applying glue, simply rinse the brush head off with warm soap and water and you are ready to re-use the Sili-Brush.
For working glue into narrow areas like rabbet joints and dados. The tips are easy to swap out by simply popping the heads off and on as needed. The paddle end of the brush is ideal for tight areas such as finger joints, mortises and even dovetail joints. Fully dried wood or polyurethane glue cracks and peels right off the non-stick bristles and head. Will work with most woodworking glues.
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