Craftex 12" Disc Sander

  • Item # 20604
  • NT$ 9,550

Powered by a 1.2 HP motor this 12" disc sander operates at a speed of 1750 RPM and is designed for accuracy and efficiency. The 16-3/8" x 6-7/8" table provides a solid work surface, tilts between 0° - 45° and locked in position making sanding an easy operation. For added safety the ON/OFF switch features a locking pin which helps prevent the sander from unauthorized usage. The sander has a 2" dust port at the back for optimum dust removal.


Motor 1.2-HP, 120-V, 60-Hz, 8.0 Amps, Single Phase
Power Switch ON/OFF with Removable Locking Key
Disc Diameter 12"
Disc Speed 1750 RPM
Table Size 16-3/3"x 6-7/8"
Table Tilt 0~45°
Table Height 7"
DustPort Size 2"
Gross Weight 63 lbs

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