Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Cordless Drill/Driver

  • Item # 20575
  • NT$ 4,900

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We warrants the electric tool to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one(1) year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

This warranty does not apply to :
(1)Normal wear and tear, corrosion, abrasion, or repairs required due to natural causes or acts of God.
(2)Items that would be consumed or require replacement due to normal wear.
(3)The cost of removal of components if such removal is authorized by Cabinhouse8.
(4)Shipment to the Cabinhouse8 repair facility.
(5)Reinstallation of parts removed for warranty service.

This warranty is null and void if the product has been subjected to :
(1)Misuse, abuse, improper service, or improper storage.
(2)Damage resulting from accident, neglect, or other circumstances beyond Cabinhouse8 control.
(3)Modifications, disassembly, tampering, alterations, or repairs made outside of Cabinhouse8 facilities without Cabinhouse8 authorization.
(4)Removal of the original serial-number tag.