The Workbench Book

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A Craftsman's Guide to Workbenches for Every Type of Woodworking

Probably more than any other tool in the shop, the custom workbench reflects the personality and experience of its maker. And for the great majority of makers, the construction of the workbench is a labor of love.

In The Workbench Book, Scott Landis examines benches for all kinds of woodworking -- from a traditional Shaker bench to a mass-produced Workmate. There are benches for cabinetmakers, boat builders, carvers, and country chair makers.

In each case, detailed photos and illustrations show how the bench works and help guide you through the tough parts in its construction. With 19 pages of measured drawings, two chapters on vises, and a list of sources of supply, this is one of woodworking's all-time classic books.

Scott Landis


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