Mini Fast Joint

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  • NT$ 3,500

Package incluse:
3ea. Toggle Clamps
1ea. Aluminum Right Angle Fence
1ea. Standard Bushing .308 O.D.
1ea. Tighter Fit Bushing .311 O.D.
1ea Spring Lock Washer
1ea. Heart Template
1ea. Lock Template
1ea. Key Template
1ea. Kings Crown Template
1ea. 3/16" Up-cut Spiral Bit
2ea. Spring Clamps
1ea. Step by step instruction booklet

Creating unique, great looking joint designs has never been easier. We designed this joint system to work with unique templates that also act as the jigs base. Setting up your joints is as easy as putting a router bit into the router, installing the guide bushing and setting the height of your bit. To setup the jig for cutting a joint all you have to do is attach the toggle clamps and alignment blocks to a precision milled acrylic template. The hardest part about the Fast-Joint mini™ System is choosing what type of joint you want to make. This system includes a router bit, hold down clamps and all the necessary hardware, along with four of the most popular templates.

Please Note: this system is designed for table mounted routers only. Fast- Joint mini™ jig system will handle stock up to approx. 6" wide and ¼" to ¾" thick.


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