Kreg Precision Router Table Top

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  • 24" x 32" x 11/8"-thick MDF
  • Durable, attractive edgebanding
  • Easy-Slide™ Micro-Dot Skin
  • Dual Steel Support Struts
  • Heavy-duty construction supports large routers and lifts
  • Combination Miter/T-Slot
  • Phenolic Insert Plate with Level-Loc Reducing Rings
  • Bottom-Up Insert Plate Levelers



This edgebanded 11/8"-thick MDF table top provides a solid, secure, and quiet routing solution for any workshop. The top features an Easy-Slide™ Micro-Dot skin, made from an impact-resistant high-pressure laminate, which makes it incredibly easy to slide workpieces across the surface.


Combination Miter/T-Slot
A combination Miter/T-Slot makes it easier than ever to utilize various accessories such as the Kreg Precision Miter Gauge and Kreg True-FLEX™ Featherboards on your table top. When used with the Kreg Precision Router Table Fence, the slot stays permanently parallel to the fence.


Easy-Slide™ Micro-Dot MDF
Designed to reduce vibration and noise, this edgebanded MDF top absorbs vibration and noise, and provides a durable, smooth routing surface.


Starts Flat, Stays Flat
Because the table is made from a heavy-duty 11/8"-thick reinforced MDF, you’ll never have to worry about the table sagging or bowing over time, no matter how large your router and lift may be.


Precise Insert Plate
This rugged 3/8"-thick phenolic insert plate is designed to provide a solid, flat, and perfectly level mounting surface for your router. Measuring 91/4" x 113/4", the plate will easily accept almost any router (even large, heavy models).

Mounting your router is simple, thanks to alignment marks that are engraved on the underside. They make it easy to center the router exactly using our detailed instructions. This means that once you have your router mounted, you won’t have to deal with all of the extra holes found on so-called “universal” insert plates.


Level-Loc Reducing Rings
The plate is also equipped with our Level-Loc Reducing Rings that allow you to easily change the size of the opening around the router bit. These rings simply twist into place using an included ring wrench to lock in level and flush with the plate surface. The plate comes with three Level-Loc Rings: 1", 13/16" (for use with universal-style guide bushings), and 25/8". A set of five additional rings is available separately, as well.





Heavy-duty to support large routers and lifts


24" x 32" x 11/8"-thick


Complete Owner's Manual, 3/8"-thick phenolic insert plate, and (3) Level-Loc Reducing Rings: 1", 13/16" (for use with universal-style guide bushings), and 25/8"

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