Titebond III - 1 gallon

  • Item #90349
  • NT$ 1,300

•Waterproof formula that cleans up with water
•Superior strength
•Designed for interior and exterior applications
•Unaffected by finishes
•FDA approved for indirect food contact
•One hour clamp time!
•Allows eight minutes of open time and has an application temperature as low as 47º F.

Titebond III wood glue is the first one part proven waterproof glue that cleans up with water. Unlike polyurethane glues, there is no foaming and it doesn't stain your hands and is vastly stronger. The waterproof formula passes the ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance specification, allows eight minutes of open assembly time and offers an application temperature as low as 47 degrees. The maker of Titebond III says that their new formula is a "natural progression of tradition and excellence."


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