3M Specialist Hand Protection (L)-gray

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  • NT$ 110

Specialist hand protection through innovation, technology & design
Seamless lightweight nylon gloves with black technically blended palm coating.
Precision handling for the most delicate of tasks.

• Excellent finger-tip dexterity and comfort.
• Anatomical shape reduces fatigue.
• Lightweight coating forms to the hand and fingers.
• Surface provides tactile feel and improved grip.
• Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.
• Ultra thin but retains excellent protection levels.
• Knitted with elasticised yarn for comfortable fit.

Versatile for many diverse industrial, commercial and domestic uses-including:
• Automotive workshop.
• Technicians and mechanics.
• Warehousing.
• Packing.
• Product assembly.
• Building & Construction.
• Plumbing.
• Plaster boarding.
• Double glazing.
• Gardening & Horticulture.

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