Large Deluxe A-Line-Kit British Standard

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•Perfect tool alignment system for hobbyists and small shops
•1" capacity dial indicator reads in .001" increments for absolute precision
•Self-adjusting "smart bar" for perfect fit in the miter groove 
•Leveling knobs adjust miter groove depth

The Large Deluxe A-Line-kit is the perfect tool alignment system for hobbyists, professionals and small shops. The A-Line-It was reviewed in the December 95 Issue of WOOD Magazine, and received "5 Star" ratings for Performance and Value. Quickly and easily set-up, tune up, and check the accuracy of your shop's tools with this system. Ideal for checking table saw blade and fence alignment, arbor and blade run-out, miter slot to blade squareness, arbor/chuck run-out, jointer/planer head to table parallelism, jointer/planer knife alignment, out-feed table alignment; router/shaper spindle run-out, or any other set up or alignment measurement. The dial indicator reads in .001" (one thousandth) of an inch increments for absolute precision. Featuring a patented self adjusting miter groove bar with leveling screws and spring plungers for perfect fit in your miter slot. Dial indicator mounting bar measures 3/4” x 3/4” x 11". Also includes a planer bar, and a precision 1/2" x 3-3/8" pin for drill press and router tests. Special spring and arbor nut to test saw blade and arbor run-out, 22 piece tip set for the dial indicator to meet any application. Includes hardware and hex wrench for assembly and instructions.

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