Veritas Crosscut Saw-16tpi

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‧14-1/4" long overall; blade is 9-1/4" long and 0.020" thick with a cut depth of 1-9/16"
‧Either 14 or 20 rip-cut teeth per inch, 0.003" of set per side, with 14° rake angle and included 60° angle; 14 tpi model is most efficient on stock thicker than 1/2", 20 tpi version is best for stock under 1/2" thick
‧Crosscut saw has 16 tpi filed with alternating bevels, 0.003" of set per side and 15° rake and bevel angles; used for cutting across or perpendicular to grain
‧Spine is molded using an advanced material, with stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness and polymer resin binder
‧Over-molded high-carbon steel blade and stainless-steel handle-mounting bolt create solid one-piece blade/spine/mount assembly
‧Single brass fastener secures bubinga handle
‧A Canadian product
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