7PC Taper Drills w/ Coutersink in Box

  • Item #90836
  • NT$ 850

• 22-piece tapered drill set
• Gives wood screws more bite
• Less chance of a stripped hole
• Drill perfect holes for #5 through #12 screws
• 3/8" countersink

Give wood screws more bite by pre-boring with these tapered drill bits. This economical 22-piece set contains 7 drill bits with countersinks, stop collars, and an Allen wrench, all indexed in a wooden stand-up box. These bits let you drill perfect holes for #5 through #12 screws with a 3/8" countersink.


Screws Diameter Length
#5 1/8"(3.1mm) 89mm
#6 9/64"(3.5mm) 80mm
#7 5/32"(3.9mm) 85mm
#8 11/64"(4.3mm) 85mm
#9 3/16"(4.7mm) 91mm
#10 13/64"(5.1mm) 92mm
#12 7/32"(5.5mm); 110mm


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