Camellia Oil 240ml

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Until recently, Camellia oil was a well kept Japanese secret. Popular with the Samurai for protecting and cleaning their swords, Camellia oil has been used in Japan for centuries. Its very light, low viscous formula along with the fact that it does not dry or become resinous over time makes it the perfect oil for protecting iron and steel tools from corrosion.

Supplied in a pump action spray bottle, this Camellia oil is blended with paraffin oil to produce a highly practical oil than can be used for lubricating, sharpening and cleaning as well as for protection from rust. Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe over the blade or tool to leave the steel or iron protected. This is oil is a useful addition to any woodworker's kit and is perfect for keeping saws, chisels, planes and any other iron or steel tool in tip top condition.

Non-toxic formula, this oil is ideal for protecting the blades of kitchen knives when not in use. Ensure that all traces of oil are removed before using the knife and re-apply the oil once the knife has been cleaned and is completely dry. 240ml pump action spray bottle. Made in Japan.


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