Pebaro 8pcs Pottery Set

  • Item #51619
  • NT$ 360
  • NT$ 195

You can start to get creative with this Stalwart 8 Piece Clay Tool Set. Included are fine shaping tools of different styles and sizes, wire tools for cutting and working clay, and a sponge to wet and smooth the surface of some materials as they're worked. This well-made pottery tool set is suitable for a wide variety of mediums including pottery and air-drying clay, Das, polymer clay and plasticine. You can also use these tools with traditional earthenware pottery clay. The metal scraper is especially handy for keeping your work area clean, which is important when using any kind of sculpting materials. The loop tool makes it easy to portion off sections of clay to work with. These tools are made from wood and metal for many years of use.
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