SJOBERGS Elite 2000 Workbench

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‧Materials : Beech
‧Dimensions Length of worktop: 71- 3/32" (1805mm)
‧Total length :76- 19/32" (1945mm)
‧Width of worktop: 23- 5/8"  (600 mm)
‧Total width :29- 1/8"   (740 mm)
‧Thickness of worktop :3- 11/32"  (85 mm)
‧Thickness of skirt :4- 5/16"   (110 mm)
‧Vise capacity :5- 3/4"  (145 mm)
‧Working height: 35- 7/16" (900 mm)
‧Weight:275 lb (125.0 kg)
‧Packaging size: 2580 x 770 x 137 mm

Sjöbergs Elite is both heavier and smarter than most other workbenches on the market. Designed and built by professionals for professionals. The entire bench is constructed in European beech and thoroughly treated with top quality oil. The versatility of the Elite workbench together with the unbeatable strength and quality, allows us to offer the ultimate workstation. Worktop in solid beech. Double raw of round bench dog holes. The bench can be fitted with cupboards and drawers SM04, art no 33464 or #51938(SM08 art no 33276). 4-Pack bench dogs in steel included.

Sjöbergs Elite from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.

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