The Frugal Woodturner

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Saving money is on everyone's mind these days, including that of author and teacher Ernie Conover, who shares his knowledge of setting up and maintaining a personal woodturning shop affordably.

The Frugal Woodturner, is a comprehensive guide, covering everything you need to know from buying a new or used lathe, how to make your own pole or modern lathe, detailed information on turning tools, making accessories, and sharpening tools. There is also a section devoted to turning, with useful tips on which woods to use, and how to turn greenwood, firewood, and discarded lumber.

Conover's tips for making your own vs. buying lathes and tools are priceless bits of information you could only get from a seasoned woodturner. His breakdown of getting started at three different budget levels, is must-have information for all aspiring woodturners.

Ernie Conover


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